Reiki Healing

What is Reiki Healing?

Learn what is Reiki healing? How Reiki meditation and therapy helps in the treatment of various problems and diseases in life.

Stress and anxiety are part of life. Sometimes the level of stress increases to such a high extent that one look for a medium to get relief from the problem. In such situation, Reiki healing appears to be the best solution. This is Japanese technique which helps in stress reduction and mental relaxation. This, in turn, promotes healing of soul and mind. If an individual’s “life force energy” is low, then chances of falling sick or feeling stressed are high. If “life force energy” is high, then one is capable to stay happy and healthy.

To know “What is Reiki?” you must understand the procedure of this therapy and why this therapy is important. This treatment was first introduced in Japan and this term includes mainly two words one is Rei which denotes God’s wisdom and another is Ki which denotes life force energy.  If you go through this treatment you will feel having a wonderful glow of radiance in life and it will automatically refresh your mind. Lots of people around the world have experienced the benefits of Reiki Treatment and have enjoyed the miraculous effect. Most of the Reiki practitioners consider this treatment as a spiritual treatment than just a healing method.

Treatment procedure of Reiki therapy

While conducting the Reiki Therapy the Reiki healers lay their palms on the affected parts of the boy and this way they channel the healing energy. This is a simple as well as a safe method of self-improvement. This is a natural spiritual healing procedure. This procedure is also used with other medical treatment so that patients can get the chance to recover faster and easier.

The recipient of this Reiki treatment is asked to lie down and experts apply this treatment all over the body at a time. During this complete process, unnecessary chatting is totally avoided. Different hand positions are used during this period. Normally these positions are predetermined and hands are kept for 3 to 5 minutes to every position. It takes nearly 45-90 minutes to complete the entire procedure. The patient will feel extremely relaxed after the completion of the whole treatment. In general, patients will need 1-3 sittings to get the full result of Reiki Healing.

Reiki healing principles to follow:

The Reiki experts always recommend the recipients of the treatment to follow the principles as mentioned below.

  • Patients should not get angry and should not be worried
  • Recipients need to be grateful and should always work hard for self-improvement
  • Recipients are recommended to be kind to others in their life

So, whenever you go under this Reiki Meditation procedure, you will feel the amazing effect on your body and mind. At present, it has also been noticed that Reiki can also be used on animal and plants. Well, in these cases the duration of the entire therapy will be short and hand positions will depend on the size and shape of the recipient.

Application of this healing method is now done across the globe by the Reiki practitioners. People started realizing the benefit of this method and accepting it on a positive note.

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