Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab for Childlessness & Fertility Issues

There are many cases of issues encountered by a married couple related to Progeny problems or matter related to Childlessness. It has been common that the astrologer does only match the charts of the couple and determine whether they should get married or not depending on the points that match gives. Thus we hear many failures and breaks in marriage due to issues related to Childlessness, even though the husband and wife match well.
There are several rules given in Lal Kitab astrology which enable us to find out the details pertaining to the 5th house intimately. before the 5th house is examined, it is very essential to find out the stability of marrying couples. Though the 5th house may be strong and all the indications for birth or children are present, there will be no issues if there is no strength or vitality for Beeja and kshetra. In other words, beeja and kshetra represent the elements that really make the male and female fertile. The husband and wife may be physiologically normal but still, if the beeja and the kshetra in their horoscope are not strong, when judged according to astrological rules, they will remain Childless Couple. When Beeja is weak and kshetra is strong, then children may be born late in life after taking the necessary Lal Kitab remedies.

In this way, Indian Astrology made a careful analysis of the horoscope of the couple and studies the effect of different planets on the other. Once all the effects and after effects are made, the report is generated that details the transition evil or beneficial planets vital as the planet Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. These analyze yield predictions fit deep that address issues of the progeny of the couple.

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