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Reiki for long distance

Distance Reiki is a sub-technique which is part of Reiki which supports practitioners to give a Reiki session which is above the limitations of space and time. It expands the practitioner’s ability to transmit spiritual energy beyond physical touch. In short, it is basically a way of offering Reiki where the recipient is not present in front of the practitioner in the same room. Reiki Distance Healing is now getting more popular as the recipient is not requested to travel to the expert’s clinic for the therapy.

In Distance Reiki, energy is controlled and guided by making a strong focus on energy. It is done by use of mental power. Distant healing is solely depended on the concept of Quantum Physics discoveries. Such discoveries say that energy never remains restricted for time and location. Scientifically it is possible to make the transition of healing energies crossing any distance.  The reality is that this type of healing method is highly effective.

Who performs Reiki for long distance, and for what?

Distant healing is a modified version of energy healing. Such therapy can only be performed by Reiki Masters, Shamans and also by Shamanic Practitioners.  Health problems like pain, headache, and high blood pressure can be treated within minutes even in the case when the client is located at a far of destination.  But do not stop taking treatment from your traditional doctor when you are undergoing the Reiki for long distance therapy.

Understanding the levels of energy in the human body

The human energy body is made up of energy fields known as aura, the chakras known as energy centers and the meridians known as energy pathways. Human physical body intakes food for nourishing it and give the body the needed energy for functioning. In a similar fashion, the energy body plays the same role. Energy fields present in the body take in energy. In next step, the chakras make effort to break it down.  After this, the meridians act towards distributing the same across the body. The complete body energy starts vibrating at different speed.

  • Physical body: Known as The etheric Field it is the very first layer of the human energy body. It is located ¼ to 2 inches above from the body. It is actually the energy duplicate for the human physical body.
  • Human thoughts: The Mental Field is the section with processes mental thoughts. One can sense it 3 to 8 inches above the body.
  • Human emotions: The Emotional Field is the section where humans experience feelings. The area extends from 1 to 3 inches crossing the physical body
  • Body spiritual center: Spiritual Field is having four or even more layers. All of them help an individual to relate to his/her higher self as well as spiritual dimensions. These levels get activated when one meditate or make prayers.  This section is positioned 6″ to 2′ beyond the physical body.

The above 4 sections of the body vibrate at particular frequency or speed and activate the whole body. When there is a disruption in the energy flow Reiki for long distance can channelize the energy to give the needed relief to the recipient.

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