Reiki Healing

How does Reiki work?

See how Reiki meditation therapy works and help in healing the body.

We are growing in this world because life force is passing through us. Lifeforce makes a flowing movement inside the physical body using the pathways known as chakras, nadis, and meridians. This life force is also making movement around us using the energy field known as aura. Such forces create a positive impact on us which nourishes cells and other organs present in the human body. It supports them in delivering vital functions. When there is some disturbance in the flow of life force it performs diminished functioning for one or more organs and cells of the human body.

The life force is highly responsive towards the human thoughts and feelings. The flow gets disrupted when an individual accepts mentally, be it consciously or unconsciously, some negative feelings about self. Such thought process connects them to the energy field and disturbs life force flow. It affects the natural functioning of body organs and cells. So how does Reiki work?

Reiki heals the body by passing through the disturbed parts of the energy field.  It acts towards charging the field back with positive energy.  It increases the vibration level for the energy field which is present inside and outside of the physical body which is affected due to negative thoughts attached to it. This works on the negative energy for breaking it apart. This way Reiki clears, rejuvenate and heals pathways for energy circulation.  It allows the life force to make movement in a healthy yet natural way.

How does Reiki heal the body?

Reiki is one of the popular and alternative health practices which make use of the inner energy of the practitioner’s for stimulating the natural healing power of the recipient’s body. The expert makes slight or no physical contact with the recipient.  His/her hands will touch or hover above for projecting the energy at the time of treatment.

During this treatment, the recipient remains fully covered with cloths. Reiki is actually an effective alternative, to massage therapy. Reiki can be taken even when the recipient is under any medical, or other healing methods.  This mode of treatment now can be used in the interest of chiropractors, physiotherapists, medical doctors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, and psychologists. So how does Reiki heal the body?

How does Reiki work:

  • Accelerate the process of healing
  • Support the body towards cleansing of body toxins
  • Brings a stable Balance with the flow of subtle energy by making the release of blockages
  • Supports the recipient in contacting the ‘healer within.

This treatment gives a warm and gentle feel which passes through, surrounds and offers comforts to the recipient. Reiki actually treats the body of a person, his/her emotions, and mind and soul altogether. Reiki proved to be a simple, natural as well as safe method for the purpose of spiritual healing and self-improvement which can be used by everyone. Reiki is very powerful, and amazingly gentle which nurtures the whole body with care. If you want to go for the Reiki healing process it is recommended that you avail it from a trained and experienced specialist in this field only.

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