Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab for Health & Beauty Problems

The Lal Kitab astrology contains a wealth of information for better health and beauty that is very relevant in the modern world.
The position of Venus in birth chart influences the expression of beauty in our lives.

The position of Mars gives or blocks vigor and vitality. Saturn grants or denies longevity and endurance. The Sun is the source of our life-affirming energies.

Influence of various houses on health and beauty:

1st House: This house is responsible for general well-being, body, and personality.

5th House: Helps suggest how to overcome health problems

6th House: Gives important indications about the nature of diseases body may be experiencing.

8th House: Reveals obstacles and even dramatic physical issues such as the loss of an organ due to disease or other significant health problems.

11th House: Influences associated with this house can help suggest how to bring recovery from physical disorders

12th House: Determines factors for hospitalization and assists with analysis of possible defects in physique

Lal Kitab remedies are based on examination of planetary influences, that can actually enhance health and beauty.
These remedies strengthen weak planetary positions and blow away the health and beauty problems.

It is rightly said that “Health is wealth”.  Good health gives the confidence to do so many things with ease and comfort.

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