Reiki Healing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reiki

Reiki being a well known Japanese technique works at various body levels like mental, physical, emotional and also spiritual.The Purpose of Reiki is to work for enhancing life full of energy. It is one of the oldest healing systems which are still in practice and benefitting many people. Reiki can improve all aspects of life. It can improve physical health and emotional well being. It can work for stress reduction to bring mental clarity. Reiki therapy is used for healing of body, mind, and soul.

What are the Advantages of Reiki?

  1. First Reiki healing benefits that it helps in stress reduction and offers relaxation to the body. It triggers the efficiency of body’s natural abilities of healing. Gives better sleep and improves lifestyle. This is one of the important Advantages of Reiki.
  2. Reiki supports in enhancing inner peace in life. It also supports the development of spiritual growth
  3. Reiki brings a balance between mind and emotions. With regular therapy, the body becomes calmer and reaches a peaceful state of mind. Having mental balance supports in improving learning, mental clarity, and Reiki improves personal relationships. Reiki improves the capability to express love, making one open-minded people around and supports relationships growth. Reiki Benefits allows one to connect with people at a deeper level.
  4. Reiki gives relief at the time of emotional distress. Reiki supports grieving process. It cleans and clears emotions.
  5. Reiki reduces the pain of a migraine, sciatica, arthritis, among few. It also treats symptoms of asthma, menopausal symptoms, chronic fatigue, and insomnia.
  6. Reiki fastens the process of recovery from long-term illness. It reduces side-effects.
  7. Reiki can work for everyone. It is capable to heal babies, adults, toddlers, children, aged people and even pets.
  8. Reiki can be considered as a good option for long distance healing where the recipient is not present in front of the practitioner.

Above are some of the Benefits of Reiki.  This is not the end of the list as there are many other advantages of Reiki which you can learn after visiting an expert practitioner in this field.

Disadvantages of Reiki:

A question may come to your mind, like “is there any Disadvantages of Reiki? Although it would be wrong to say that the below-mentioned points are disadvantages of Reiki, but they surely create a doubt in the mind of the Reiki healers-

  • No Formal regulatory body: Practitioners of this therapy named Reiki actually receives no recognized certification officially or licensing. Based on the principles of this art, one needs to learn it from a master and accept direct transmission
  • Nil scientific support: Reiki cannot offer any assurance of proving its effectiveness. These are no scientific proof for its effect on human life. It’s the faith between the practitioner and recipient which can only speak about its effectiveness.

Reiki healers are not recognized by scientists. Since so far Reiki proved to be beneficial for the human life, we recommend you to visit an expert of Reiki to know what benefit you can expect from it in your life.

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