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Lal Kitab for Bad Planetary Effects

Lal Kitab Astrology reveals the importance of planets in our lives and their influence on our lives. An inappropriate position of planets in our horoscope results in illness or other bad effects in life. These planetary effects are determined by the failures even after hard work or sudden health hazards etc. These negative effects can be handled by using Lal Kitab remedies.  There are a various mantra, spells, and Totke to reduce these negative effects.

Lal Kitab prediction is that all the planets are categorized into auspicious planets and inauspicious planets. The auspicious planets viz. Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus which give good results whereas the inauspicious planets viz. the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu which often results in bad planetary effect to the native.

Sometimes these planets swap their effect and despite malefic nature of inauspicious planets results in a good outcome and auspicious planets results in bad effects. This is due to the fact that the position of the planets is quite essential to judge the effect they produce. If the auspicious planets are in bad planetary positions they result in bad planetary effect. Similarly, if the inauspicious planets are in the position in accordance with their ascendant results in good effects.

In the lifetime of every individual, the nine planets show their influence. These Planetary changes can be for good cause by auspicious planets and sometimes results in bad effect due to the inauspicious planets.  Lal Kitab solutions are the best solution for avoiding the ill effects of inauspicious planets. Lal Kitab Upay is categorized as Tantra, Mantra, and Yantra that helps in resolving the problems faced due to bad effect of inauspicious planets.

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