Celebrity Psychic Astrologer in Mumbai Priyanka Sawant

mahakali road, mumbai, 4000093


Priyanka Sawant


08.00-18.00 All Days


PRIYANKA SAWANT Is World Renowned Celebrity “Psychic Tarot Expert & Trainner” Practicing In Mumbai  & Pune (India), She is the devotee of “LORD SHIVA” & Her believe is what ever prediction she gives is due to her “LORD SHIVA” blessings…. She Is Born Psychic…. She is the “Youngest Astrologer”, As she started at the age of 12 as a hobby then took it as a profession as she enjoys guiding people for their better life.She was Felicitated by “Nakshtranche Dene” Astrology Foundation in mumbai as the “Youngest Astrology in mumbai” at the Age of 18yr. Only 29 years of age yet she have a very high accuracy in her predictions on any fields (Love, Money, Health, Work, Relations, etc). She is God gifted with the Psychic & Intuitive abilities & Palm reading, Crystal ball reading, Tarot Reading, Angel card reading, Pendulum dowsing, Tarot healing, Advance Past Life Regression Through Tarot Reading….So she uses Intuition and Psychic senses with Tarot Cards Reading, Palm Reading, Crystal ball reading to look deep into the heart of the matters of your life & also counseling people. She has over 17 years of experience (Since 1998) in the field of astrology. She has been giving prediction since childhood at the age of 12. She is been specialized in Palmistry, Tarot Reading, and Teaching Tarot Cards Reading, Tarot Healing,Crystal ball reading, Angel Cards Reading, Pendulum dowsing, Past Life Regression Through Tarot Reading.

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